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Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known commonly as an enlarged prostate, can have a variety of consequences in the long run. Without a special treatment for enlarged prostate, such as prostate artery embolization, there are a number of important risks to consider that will only present more problems as time goes by:

  1. According to many medical experts such as Dr Shawn Ahmed, BPH can’t actually be cured, although it can be set back a great deal with the right treatments. Most treatments focus on reducing the symptoms and ensuring a recurring ability to address the problem if it gets worse. As a result, treating an enlarged prostate early can help you avoid some complications that would later be very difficult if not impossible to prevent.
  2. Since the enlarged prostate can press on the tubes that allow you to urinate, one of the dangers of leaving it untreated is that you might suddenly find yourself unable to urinate. Some patients would then need to go so far as to have a special tube known as a catheter inserted into their bladders to allow it to be emptied.
  3. Sexual performance issues can also be linked to an enlarged prostate and there is a risk that they can get worse as the problem progresses without treatment. Treating BPH will help you avoid these risks.
  4. Some patients can also develop everything from urinary tract infections (UTI) to severe problems of the bladder or kidneys. It is highly recommended to get professional medical support with your enlarged prostate to avoid such debilitating medical issues.