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Spider veins are a very common but unsightly condition. Peripheral blood circulation that happens in normal parameters prevents the appearance of spider veins, but there are also treatments for this condition so look for a vascular doctor near me for help.

Spider veins are so named because of the way they look—a network of blue veins, resembling a spider web. These are dilated blood vessels, just like classic varicose veins, but much smaller and closer to the surface of the skin. These unsightly veins can appear anywhere on the legs, but more often they show up in the area behind the knee.

Because they do not usually cause medical complications, spider veins can be removed, for aesthetic reasons, by laser procedures or scleropathy.

Scleropathy is the most used method and consists of injecting a substance into the diseased vein to block it and allow the body to reabsorb it. This process makes it practically disappear. People who have undergone this treatment have experienced 50% -90% improvement of their condition.

Laser therapy can also be used to treat spider veins. This method seals the vein through emitting intense, pulsed light and heat. When it comes to fine, very small, reddish veins, they tend to respond better to laser treatment because they are more difficult to inject.