Healthy Exercise Help You Age Well Avoid Calf Pain Get Treatment

The fact that sports and athletic activities have an extremely beneficial influence on your current health is obvious. Additionally, recent studies show that healthy exercise could actually slow down the aging process.

Sports, mitochondria and aging

Mitochondria are considered to be the power center of the cell because their main function is producing molecules that carry chemical energy inside the cells of the body. As we age, the mitochondria’s ability  to generate chemical energy decreases.

Researchers have found that exercise encourages cells to make more RNA copies of the genes responsible for mitochondrial proteins and muscle development. In these research studies, ribosomes, which are key elements in protein synthesis, have also been seen improving their ability to build mitochondrial proteins.

Slowing down the aging process by multiplying proteins

Physical activity plays an important role in encouraging protein production. The cells of the muscles, brain and heart usually stay with you for a long time. Therefore, as we age, their function begins to decline because they age as well. If exercise can minimize damage to ribosomes and mitochondria within muscle cells, there is a high chance that they can also have the same effect on other tissues. Although, calf pain treatment should be considered as well as other leg pains as soon after they are noticed.

In addition to increasing mitochondrial capacity, physical exercise also has the potential to improve insulin sensitivity, decreasing the risk of diabetes.