leg ulcer treatment interventional clinics

Depending on why they appear, leg ulcers might be either easier or harder to get rid of. Essentially, leg ulcers are unhealed sores that appear on the legs. If left untreated, they will often keep coming back, even if they heal temporarily. Sometimes leg ulcers are just a result of poor circulation, but other times they can be caused by one of a variety of different diseases. These may include kidney disease, high cholesterol, heart disease, HBP or diabetes.

To treat leg ulcers properly, you might need interventional leg ulcer treatment Fort Collins clinics offer. In some cases, simple lifestyle changes will also help, but if the problem arises because of one of the diseases mentioned above, then chances are you won’t be able to make them go away just by changing the way you position your legs while you’re sitting at the computer. Still, it can help to wear good walking shoes, get regular exercise or elevate your legs while you’re resting or sleeping.

Experts warn, however, against using these lifestyle changes as a replacement for the necessary treatment of leg ulcers. To find out why they appear, you will likely need to get an MRI or a CAT scan, as well as x-rays and a non-invasive, ultrasound based vascular study. Through these methods, the medical professional you visit will be able to tell you more about the ulcers themselves, as well as what’s causing them and what measures and treatments would work best.