spider vein treatment varicose veins treatments options

Spider veins or varicose veins are a disorder that can appear when too much pressure is placed on the legs or when there are problems with the blood flow or arteries. Varicose veins are essentially twisted blood vessels that don’t allow for proper blood flow. They can turn blue or red, form bumps and string-like formations, and appear on your thighs, calves or on the inside of your legs.

In some cases, the underlying cause has to be addressed as quickly as possible through advanced spider vein treatment that you can have performed at a professional clinic such as Apex Endovascular. Fortunately, Apex specializes in treating spider veins and can do so successfully and safely. However, if at all possible, it would be preferred to prevent spider veins before they happen.

Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes that can help prevent the formation of spider veins. You can exercise more and lose weight to encourage free blood circulation and prevent venous diseases that can lead to spider veins forming on your legs. Posture is also important, as it is preferred to avoid crossing your legs when you sit down and elevate your legs when you’re lying in your bed. Compression stockings can also help, both before and after the formation of varicose veins.