PAD Treatment Fort Collins Options

Because of the nature of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), a lot of people think that it might be unavoidable. Experts say that at some point you will need surgery to avoid a debilitating problem or even having a heart attack. They also say that in most cases, you can’t get rid of PAD using just conventional means and home remedies.

But can the disease be prevented? The short answer is that it may be possible, but the more complicated answer is that we actually don’t know. Even experts have trouble identifying the actual cause of PAD in all patients, and it can actually happen that patients with no visible signs or causes could still develop the disease.

The most common culprits however, involve lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle or eating junk food along with seeking out Fort Collins PAD treatment options. Excess saturated fat and high cholesterol can also contribute greatly to developing PAD, and high blood sugar and diabetes are definitely among the most serious disorders that can lead to this disease being a problem in your near or far future.

So the path to preventing PAD should be pretty obvious: quit smoking and drinking, try to eat healthier foods that minimize blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, and increase healthy physical activity as much as possible. All of these approaches will be necessary, and even if your case of PAD is already present, the more harmful complications of the disease could be pushed back by years, if you simply follow the tips outlined above.