Bone Health Apex Endovascular

As you age, you might notice that your bones and joints become more brittle. You could be more prone to fractures, and you might have even broken your leg or suffered a compression fracture from something that didn’t used to cause you any problems in the past. Such concerns can be avoided through a balanced diet that includes healthy foods rich in certain minerals and nutrients.

Greater calcium and magnesium intake can significantly improve your bone health. As a result, it’s very important to integrate some foods that are rich in these minerals, before you consider almost any other measure. Milk, cheese and other dairy products can help a great deal with that, as dairy typically has a lot of calcium. Yogurt, in particular, will provide you with a high percentage of your daily calcium requirement. Additionally, you can consider soy beans and tofu, if you’re vegan, as these foods have an excellent concentration of essential minerals as well.

Some of the dangers associated with avoiding these foods when your bone health is threatened as you age, include the possibility of osteoporosis during menopause and developing compression fractures. Vertebral compression fracture treatment from might be required in the latter case, while cases of osteoporosis could be even harder to address.