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When you visit an interventional radiologist, they might help you find out more about the unseen aspects of your body. Pain and complications involving compression fractures are some of the issues that could go unnoticed especially in patients who don’t yet know that they suffer from a disease like osteoporosis.

Unlike what you might believe, compression fractures can be very serious, since they affect the vertebrae and the spine. As such, any movement involving the affected area can worsen your condition and even touch upon the nerve endings in the spine, which could lead to serious complications. At the very least, compression fractures could end up being painful or having some debilitating symptoms that might end up interfering with the quality of your life and your day to day functioning.

Fortunately, compression fractures can be repaired. In fact, if you visit a reputable vascular clinic in Fort Collins, you can even make a full recovery and get rid of many of the problematic issues, and painful symptoms associated with the condition. Surgery will usually be required as a remedy, and the surgical procedures involved are typically meant to help fuse the fracture in order to repair it. Long term recovery can be more problematic and last a greater amount of time in patients with additional complications. However, the results can be very good, involving the elimination of back pain, the improving of your posture and an overall ease of movement.