vertebral compression fracture Apex Endovascular Fort Collins

As technology grows more advanced by the minute, new procedures are constantly used even by physicians who don’t ask you for a lot of money. Kyphoplasty is one such procedure that would have been considered remarkably advanced not long ago, but that is now commonly used to treat compression fractures alongside similar interventions like vertebroplasty.

As in the case of veryebroplasty, kyphoplasty treatments involve the injection of a special cement that is designed to help mend the fracture and strengthen the bone. The cement is injected through a small incision that is made in the back once the correct location is identified. A narrow tube is then introduced through the incision in order to create a path through which the cement can be delivered to the fractured area in a manner that is as non-invasive as possible.

A practice known as fluoroscopy is used to guide the tube to the correct position. Once it is secured, the special cement is injected into the vertebrae. Once the kyphoplasty procedure is completed, the damaged vertebra’s integrity and height will be restored, and pain relief may also be a common result. If you want your compression fracture to be treated as easily and quickly as possible, there are very few treatments that deliver similarly impressive results to kyphoplasty. Apex Endovascular of Fort Collins can help.