If you have a condition known as spider veins, it is important to consult an endovascular surgeon with experience in the treatment of varicose veins in general, and, in particular, in the use of sclerotherapy for the treatment of small superficial veins. The doctor will perform a physical examination and see if there is any sign of deep vein damage, before deciding on the right treatment for spider veins.

There are risk factors that cause spider veins to form and you should talk to your endovascular clinic about them.

Spider veins are caused by damaged valves inside the veins, which prevent blood from flowing normally in the right direction. Many factors can contribute to the damage of these small vein valves, but the risk could be higher if you are in the following situations that you should let your doctor know about:

  • You stand for long periods of time, especially if this is part of your job (nurses, factory or restaurant workers, teachers, etc. are more prone to develop this condition)
  • You have an inherited risk
  • You suffer from hormonal imbalances due to various causes
  • You have a previous medical history that includes the formation of blood clots
  • You experience high pressure in the abdomen caused by tumors, constipation, or wearing too tight clothes or belts

If you are a woman, your risk of developing spider veins is higher, so you should tell your doctor if you are taking hormone replacement therapy (post-menopausal) or birth control pills.