Leg pain remedy cramps varicose veins

Have you noticed, over time, that some veins have appeared on your feet and look like a cobweb? It is a condition named telangiectasias, which affect many people. Women have a greater predisposition to broken veins on their legs, and factors such as pregnancy, old age and extra pounds can increase the risk of suffering from these problems located on the surface of the skin of the legs.

Spider veins do not cause pain, nor do they cause health problems. If, however, broken telangiectasias lead to the appearance of symptoms or if you want to remove them, ask your phlebologist or dermatologist for advice about the treatment and remedy for leg cramps options you have.

The treatment of spider veins is done only for aesthetic reasons, with the help of sclerotherapy – a procedure considered a “gold standard” method in treating this condition, minimally invasive, performed under local anesthesia, consisting into inserting a fine needle in the dilated vein and injecting a sclerosing agent. Once in the vein, this agent has the effect of “closing” it. After the intervention, it is indicated the wearing of compression medical stockings for a period of several weeks and, in certain situations, the administration of an oral anticoagulant. Laser therapy can also be used for the treatment of telangiectasias, the method having the sealing effect of the vein by means of intense pulsed light and the emitted heat, being more common in addressing the dilations occurring at the level of the face.