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Compression fracture can make your back pain seem unbearable. And if that is the case, kyphoplasty for compression fracture may be, indeed, a very efficient treatment. Kyphoplasty is a type of surgical procedure with minimum invasion which can help fix spine’s compression fractures.

These above-mentioned compression fractures are nothing but broken vertebrae located in the patient’s spine. In elderly people, these fractures are the consequence of osteoporosis disease. In other words, aging may cause our bones to become more fragile, which can lead to this kind of nuisances.

We should say that kyphoplasty certainly has numerous advantages. For example, it can greatly reduce pain, with up to 80%, and can thus improve mobility and the patient’s overall wellness. Hunching can be greatly reduced, which can help patients get back their normal height, in the sense that they can keep their back straight. Moreover, recovery can be very fast, depending on the patient, of course.

Another major detail to take into account is that kyphoplasty is not recommended for all people who suffer from compression fractures. Thus, a vascular specialist Denver area recommends this procedure to older people, and to those who suffer from osteoporosis disease. Younger patients with compression fractures as a result of traumatic events are not good candidates for this medical procedure.