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Patients suffering from osteoporosis are prone to fractures of the spine or vertebral body. Usually, in the case of osteoporosis, the anterior part of the vertebral body gets fractured, decreasing the height of the vertebra. Annually, in the U.S., there are about 700,000 cases of compression fractures following osteoporosis. Vertebrae affected by osteoporosis are no longer able to cope with stress or pressure. As a result, common phenomena such as coughing, turning, or lifting weights can cause fractures of the vertebra.

In turn, these fractures cause the spine to deform (kyphosis). Patients with such a condition present debilitating pain, sleep disorders, disorders from the digestive and respiratory system and difficulties in carrying out daily activities.

Kyphoplasty restores dimensions and strengthens the fractured vertebra. It corrects the position of the spine and diminishes the pain. Almost 95% of patients get pain relief as a result of this procedure.

Before performing the Kyphoplasty, the skin and muscles around the affected area are infiltrated with local anesthetics. General anesthesia can also be used to ensure the patient’s comfort.

Most patients mention the complete disappearance of the sensation of pain following this procedure. But, as in any surgery, a sensation of discomfort and mild pain will be present in the immediate postoperative period. If the sensation persists for too long, talk to your endovascular doctor near me in Fort Collins about the treatment you should follow to reduce the pain.