Leg Ulcer Treatment Complicated Procedure

Leg ulcers most often occur in older people when the veins in the legs do not send blood back to the heart. This is due to improper operation of the connecting valves between the superficial and deep veins. In other words, the main cause for the appearance of a leg ulcer is the poor circulation of the blood in the legs.

Compressive therapy is one of the essential components of the leg ulcer treatment. The goal is to counteract the high pressure in the veins and improve the venous circulation. This is not a complicated procedure.

Compression stockings are another alternative for the treatment of leg ulcers. The main advantage is the homogeneous pressure exerted on the lower limb. The ease of use by the patient is another advantage.

In conjunction with the compressive therapy, which is meant to treat the cause of the varicose ulcer, the local treatment of the lesion itself is also required. One of the innovative therapeutic options with convincing results in daily medical practice is the use of modern or hydro active dressings. Through their properties, these dressings keep the wound in an optimal hydro balance, helping it to overcome the stagnant stage by stimulating the natural healing process.

Up to 7 out of 10 leg ulcers heal within 12-14 weeks on average with appropriate local treatment.