interventional radiologist treatment varicose veins

Varicose or spider veins do not affect just your appearance. They can be very uncomfortable to live with. Treatment for spider veins can be minimally invasive and can help decrease symptoms such as exhaustion, pain, etc.

First of all, we should note the fact that some people may be more inclined to suffer from this condition than others. Thus, many people may get these veins because they either sit, or stand for prolonged periods of time. Also, these veins can get more pronounced during pregnancy or with aging.

As it has been mentioned before, some people are more prone to spider veins. In case you have a blood relative suffering from this illness, there are more chances for you to have it, too. Sunlight, hormonal imbalances or injuries can also cause spider veins to appear.

At any rate, treatment may vary from self-care to surgical procedures from a interventional radiologist Fort Collins offers. Your doctor may indicate that you do some exercise, that you elevate your legs for longer periods of time, to go for walks or, in case you stand for longer periods of time, to take breaks every half an hour.

Compression stockings can be another treatment option for your spider veins. You may have to wear these stockings for 2 or 3 weeks.