leg pain ulcers treatment

If you spend some time researching the right treatment for leg ulcers online, you might already know all about what they are. These sores are typically long lasting, and they can take more than two weeks to heal. They normally appear just above the ankle, on the inside of the leg. Moreover, sometimes leg ulcers can be very stubborn, requiring special ointment or a treatment that addresses a deeper underlying problem and that has to be administered by a professional.

90% of cases involving leg ulcers are typically caused by some form of venous disease. These ulcers will normally be a result of peripheral arterial disease, DVT or lymphedema.

Leg ulcer treatment for mild cases will usually begin at home. You can use simple home remedies to treat a leg ulcer, though there is no guarantee that it will work, and in some cases the problem will get worse, requiring professional treatment for leg pain. Nevertheless, you can try treating leg ulcers by cleaning the wound regularly, applying a dressing to it and wearing compression stockings. Some experts also recommend that you use an antibacterial ointment for the prevention or treatment of leg ulcers.

When it comes to serious cases, leg ulcers are treated by vascular surgeons and general surgeons, as well as professionals who specialize in the venous diseases that caused the ulcer in the first place.