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As with many disorders, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of a problem like that of spider veins. This condition will typically occur when blood vessels tend to pool blood close to the surface of the skin, creating the familiar appearance of spider veins that patients are all too familiar with. Although it can be unsightly, the condition is relatively benign, and can be removed through minimally invasive skin treatments and procedures.

There is a misconception that spider veins might only be developed by older people or those who are already sick. In fact, the disease can develop in the case of men and women, old and young, and the worst part is that medical scientists don’t yet know what exactly is their root cause.

Spider veins are essentially twisted veins, and they can appear as blue or green, on various parts of the body – especially on the face or legs. They might appear as a result of unhealthy valves that are found inside feeder veins, which can lead blood to various “dead end” veins that end up becoming spider veins.

There are certain procedures that can help both with the aesthetic aspect of having spider veins, and with the eventual pain, in the somewhat rare case that a patient might feel pain. You might need to visit a professional vascular doctor to get support for this issue.