exercise plan treatment for leg pain stretching

Exercise is one of the most recommended activities for a healthy life. It improves the cardiovascular system, helps regulate blood pressure, and helps us acquire and maintain a healthy body. Still, nothing in excess is good. Not even athletics! Even performance athletes risk suffering from joint diseases and inflammation in the muscles around joints over time.

However, mild knee pain does NOT mean STOP exercising!

If you are facing knee and joint pain, it is good to know that there are still some sports that will not hurt you. On the contrary, some exercises help your joints so everyday activities will be less painful!


Using the right swimming style will not damage your knees and is beneficial for your cardiovascular system.


Practicing these exercises is very beneficial for strengthening your muscles, which stimulates a good posture and helps protect the knees.

Water aerobics

The supporting force of water reduces the load on the joints, while the water also provides resistance to ensure adequate training results.


A skilled physiotherapist can create personalized activities and training programs for you that can be used to strengthen and stretch your muscles.

Whatever sport or exercising activity you choose, do not forget that warming up is extremely important and getting the right treatment for leg pain is important too. Do not strain your muscles without a warm-up beforehand. Also, be careful with the techniques and the equipment you use. Body weight is another element that can affect the joints, so be careful while exercising.