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Embolization of prostate adenoma is a safe, comfortable, minimally invasive therapeutic method, representing a modern alternative to urological surgery, used in the past as the only option for the treatment of advanced cases.

Embolization of prostate adenoma is performed under radioscopic control and involves catheterization of blood vessels that irrigate the prostate. Without blood supply, the prostate reduces its size in two to three weeks, guaranteeing a visible improvement in the patient’s life.

The operation does not require general anesthesia.

The ideal patient for embolization of prostate adenoma: > 50 years, with moderate or severe symptoms and a urinary flow not exceeding 12 ml/ s. However, the intervention can also be recommended to patients with mild symptoms, who have received drug treatment for at least 6 months, without significant results.

Being a minimally invasive procedure, embolization of prostate adenoma involves very few risks and complications and leaves no scars.

The patient is discharged only 3 hours after the operation, and in cases of acute urinary retention, it is necessary to maintain a urinary tube for 24-48 hours. About 95% of cases of prostate adenoma embolization are considered successful, leading to the occlusion of at least one prostate artery. The success rate remains high (85-90%) at 6 months of embolization, while in less than 10% of patients, symptoms may recur. For some of the best in vascular and interventional radiology treatments look to the professionals at APEX.