Interventional Radiologist Treatments Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can make you reluctant about wearing shorts or swimsuits, but their implications go beyond the cosmetic nature. The vast majority of people will feel pain, fatigue or swelling in the legs, as a result of blood accumulation in the vessels. If you don’t treat your varicose veins, they can often lead to complication such as blood clots or skin ulcers. Moreover, a painful bulge called phlebitis may also occur. Usually, problems with varicose veins are not life-threatening, but they can certainly affect its quality.

The simplest and most effective Fort Collins interventional radiologist treatments for varicose veins are the minimally invasive ones.

Endovenous laser treatment or radiofrequency ablation is performed using local anesthesia. The doctor inserts a thin tube (catheter) into the diseased vein. Then laser or radiofrequency energy is used to deflate and close the vein. The procedure takes an hour. The laser is more effective, but radiofrequency causes less pain and postoperative discomfort.

Phlebectomy is a surgical technique, minimally invasive. that removes diseased veins using surgical hooks inserted through small incisions.

Sclerotherapy is a technique that can be used on varicose veins and spider veins. It is more effective on very small veins. A small needle is used to inject a substance that scleroses the venous walls and leads to obliteration of the veins. You may need several sclerotherapy procedures.