leg ulcer varicose veins vascular specialist determined treatment

We often complain about poor circulation, but we seldom realize just how far that problem can really go. Leg ulcers are a good example, representing a problem that not many people have to deal with, but that unfortunately, can lead to many complications including the need for amputation, the development of malignant tumors or even a life-threatening condition.

Leg ulcers are essentially venous ulcers that result from irregular blood circulation. When they appear, they can feel like painful sores, but in most cases they are not extremely dangerous. Mild cases will typically heal after 3-4 months as long as they are cared for by a dependable and knowledgeable health vascular specialist. Compression therapy is the most likely of treatment that will be required, although some leg ulcers can be more stubborn and require more serious treatments.

In some cases, leg ulcers can persist longer and become infected. This is the real risk with this type of condition, as an infected venous ulcer can quickly lead to other problems, especially when you also suffer from underlying conditions that make the healing of the legs and feet more difficult – such as diabetes. In such situations, you should seek medical help immediately rather than allow the disease to spread further.