Endovascular spine dyphoplasty doctors treatments

A vertebral compression fracture treatment is typically necessary for patients suffering from osteoporosis or those who have otherwise suffered one of more compression fractures that have affected their vertebral height. Kyphoplasty is one of the most important and effective treatment for dealing with these types of fractures in a minimally invasive manner.

What kyphoplasty does is that it allows for a new vertebral cavity to be formed in the affected area, in order to restore vertebral height after a fracture is formed. Through kyphoplasty, doctors use a needle that goes through a small incision in the back in order to reach the vertebral compression fracture. Once that is accomplished, a special balloon is driven into the fracture in order to restore vertebral height to its normal value.

This procedure is best used for patients suffering from osteoporosis who have had a fracture recently. The older the fracture, the more difficult it will be to restore it to normal, even with the help of the best doctors specializing in the technique. Most experts will tell you that the best results will be gained by applying kyphoplasty to fractures that are at most 4 months old. That way they have the best chance to make a full recovery from the fractures in question. To discuss the appropriate treatment look to the professionals at Apex Endovascular for immediate relief.