Thrombophlebitis Varicose Vein Doctor Near Me

Venous diseases are surprisingly prevalent. If you live in the United States, statistics show that you are very likely to suffer from at least a minor venous disease. Fortunately, in most cases the disease itself doesn’t present much of a threat, and you won’t have to worry about long term after-effects once you’ve treated it. Also, many venous diseases go away on their own if the case is mild, or they can be treated through simple remedies, such as the use of special products such as compression socks.

The most common venous disorders that you might come across are varicose veins, superficial thrombophlebitis and deep-vein thrombophlebitis. Varicose veins are simply cases when the veins are twisted and/or swollen. Although they might get painful and uncomfortable, many cases of varicose veins can be treated without any serious health risks. Some advanced cases might require surgery, however, the procedures involved are usually not that invasive.

Thrombophlebitis, on the other hand, is much more serious. This venous disease is basically an inflammation of the veins and can occur in response of a blood clot that forms inside of the blood vessel. In the case of deep-vein thrombophlebitis, larger veins can be affected, and the problem might be far worse rather than just being skin-deep. The seriousness of the condition depends on how large and deep the vein is, and some of the risks that the disease carries include venous insufficiency and pulmonary embolism (when the blood clot becomes detached and makes its way into the lungs). For a remedy conduct research for a Fort Collins vein doctor near me to advice of a treatment plan.