bone health spinal compression fracture treatment services

Although bones may seem to be quite solid, inside they are quite soft, much like a honeycomb. We should note the fact that bone tissues are actually broken down and then rebuilt mostly all the time. But as time goes by, we start losing more bones than we build and this is when problems begin to appear.

The thing is our bones tend to lose density and because of that, they get kind of spongy. And when the bone density loss goes a bit too far, then osteoporosis may start to develop. Bad accidents may cause our bones to break, but if too much of their density is compromised, then they are more vulnerable.

One of the many conditions which are often the result of bone density loss is spinal compression fracture. In other words, osteoporosis may lead to this unpleasant complication. And in that case, treatment for spinal compression fracture Fort Collins clinic offers may be needed.

This treatment is usually meant to address the pain, the fracture and the osteoporosis which is at the base of the disease. Pain medication can do a lot to help if you suffer from this condition. Medication may also be used to stabilize bone density.