Leg Wounds

Leg Wounds

Leg Wounds services offered in Fort Collins, CO

Vascular disease causes most leg wounds today. At Apex Endovascular, board-certified vascular specialist Shawn Ahmed, MD, PhD, offers leading-edge minimally invasive procedures to maximize blood flow and promote healing. Dr. Ahmed works with the leading wound care centers around Denver to provide complete care for patients with leg wounds. Call the Fort Collins, Colorado, office now or use the online scheduling feature.

What are chronic leg wounds?

Chronic leg wounds, or leg ulcers, that haven’t healed after 30 or more days. About 1% of all Americans and 4% of older adults suffer from chronic leg wounds.

What causes chronic leg wounds?

Vascular disease, which includes conditions affecting the veins and arteries, causes 80-90% of chronic leg wounds.

Artery disease

In the arteries, plaque (a buildup made of cholesterol, other fatty substances, and waste products) narrows the vessel. This restricts blood flow, and your legs don’t receive the fresh blood supply (including nutrients and oxygen) they need, leading to poor healing and other problems.

Vein disease

In the veins, valves can stop working, leading to blood reflux (backward flow), leg swelling, and other problems.

What problems do leg wounds cause?

Leg wounds can be unsightly and painful. They’re vulnerable to infection; in severe cases, the infection can spread beyond the original area. Foot and leg ulcers are the cause of most amputations today.

Fortunately, leg wounds are treatable, and amputation is preventable. To do this successfully, you need excellent wound care and specialized treatments targeting your vascular disease’s source.

How are leg wounds treated?

At Apex Endovascular, Dr. Adhmed suggests a twofold approach to chronic leg wound care:

Wound management

Wound care centers specialize in treating leg wounds and preventing them from worsening. The most common wound care approaches include cleaning, topical dressings, debridement (dead skin removal), and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Dr. Ahmed works closely with the leading wound care facilities in and around Denver.

Vascular care

Vascular care is Dr. Ahmed’s specialty. At Apex Endovascular, Dr. Ahmed performs minimally invasive procedures that correct underlying artery and vein problems. This removes the root cause of your leg wounds.

All outpatient procedures use the newest vascular field technology to provide outstanding results without requiring large incisions and a general anesthetic. Recovery is far faster than surgery, with most patients returning to normal activities within a day.

The combination of wound and vascular care provides pain relief, stimulates healing, and prevents a recurrence of the wound — and it helps you avoid amputation.

To learn more about the innovative vascular procedures available at Apex Endovascular, call the office or click the online scheduling feature now.