treatment options varicose vein doctors

When you ask an expert about varicose veins, you’ll find that they can recommend two distinct types of treatments to help with the problem. One of it is conservative treatment, which involves non-invasive measures that are designed to alleviate symptoms, prevent varicose veins or achieve results that are more holistic in nature. The other is interventional treatment, which involves various types of surgeries, laser treatment and other methods that might be considered invasive at least to some extent.

Conservative measures are simple enough to put in practice. You can do it yourself, and in cases where the problem is mild, you’re likely to get pretty good results. One of the measures is a change in lifestyle through the avoidance of prolonged straining. When the area in question is not under strain and you avoid wearing restrictive clothing, your varicose veins are likely to improve. Weight loss, the use of compression stockings and the use of dietary supplements such as phlebotonics, can all help with mild cases as well.

For more serious cases, and when your basic conservative measures didn’t work, you will have to visit one of the expert Fort Collins varicose vein doctors in my area and consider procedures such as thermal ablation or endovenous thermal ablation (used primarily for larger vessels). Endovenous sclerotherapy is also a possibility that you should talk to your doctor about, as is actual surgery through methods like ligation and phlebectomy.