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Compression fracture occurs when the pressure on the vertebra produces its collapse; it occurs most commonly secondary to osteoporosis, being associated with intense pain and changes in the spine, which can lead to serious health problems.

Vertebral compression fracture treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, performed by an interventional doctor, under radiological guidance, which results in the stabilization of the affected vertebra, by injecting a material (cement) at that level. By hardening, this cement will stabilize and support the spine. As a result, the pain is reduced and, in addition, the aggravation of the vertebral injury can be prevented. It is a procedure that leads to important pain relief starting almost immediately (a few hours postprocedural), with good long-term results and a low rate of complications, allowing normal activity after a short period of recovery.

Fractures can occur in certain pathological situations: osteoporosis, trauma, tumors (bone metastases, multiple myeloma), hemangiomas. The main cause, however, is osteoporosis. A compression fracture increases by 5 times the risk of another fracture in the neighboring vertebral bodies, so the treatment decreases the risk of a future fracture.

Vertebroplasty requires only a few hours of hospitalization, after which the patient will be able to go home.  It’s best to find a kyphoplasty surgeons near me to keep close to home. Complications are rare and can be avoided by proper care and medical surveillance.