Leg Pain Apex Endovascular

Leg ulcer treatment can be long-lasting. In other words, leg ulcer takes quite a long time to heal. There are certain symptoms that may indicate the formation of leg ulcers, such as: your skin got hardened, which can make your leg feel hard, varicose eczema –itchiness at the skin level-, ankles getting swollen, open sores which seem very hard to heal, and discoloration of the area around the ulcer.

Some treatments are non-invasive, while others involve surgery. It is the doctor from clinics like Apex Endovascular who usually decides on the best type of treatment, depending on your exact condition and symptoms. At any rate, the very first thing to do is clean the ulcer and use an adequate dressing to apply on it. More specifically, a non-sticky kind of dressing should be used. You should change the dressing every week.

In order to improve circulation in the affected area, compression bandages are often applied on the leg ulcer. Because it is a complicated and skilled procedure, bandaging should be done only by a healthcare professional. At any rate, when bandages are applied to a yet unhealed ulcer, pain is very common. Therefore, you should take some painkillers, which should be prescribed by your doctor, of course.