leg ulcers treatment

If you suffer from leg ulcers, your first instinct is probably to try to solve the problem as quickly and painlessly as possible, without having to resort to complex or invasive procedures. Finding the least invasive leg ulcer treatment out there is pretty straightforward, although it’s not always a guarantee that it will work.

Compression bandages are probably the very least invasive treatment that could help with your leg ulcers. These bandages are made from elastic fiber that promotes improved blood flow and encourages the tissue on your leg to heal more easily. They can prevent fluid build-up and blood build-up in your leg, and they are generally quite easy to apply, change and remove.

While the easiest treatments for leg ulcers can be pretty non-invasive, they won’t always be enough to help you out. In many cases, leg ulcers will be stubborn to heal, and eventually your doctor could recommend either special bandages like a hydrocolloid dressing to accelerate the healing process, or various leg ulcer treatment Fort Collins area surgeries. A less invasive procedure that could still work very well in some instances is shave therapy. This procedure involves removing tissue that is stubborn to heal and then performing a skin graft. Aside from dressing and compression bandages, shave therapy is the least invasive leg ulcer treatment usually recommended before the option of surgery is brought to the table.